Penny Stocks – 5 Tips to Pick Top Price Stocks With High Returns

Research is the key to success when it comes to investing, but this is especially more important when dealing with the fast-paced world of penny stock returns. Countless people have made, and lost, money faster than they expected all based on the amount of research they did prior to getting involved in the investment world! Preparation is the key element, and in the next five minutes you’ll get FIVE strong tips being properly prepared to make amazing returns on your investment! So let’s get this party started:

  1. Before any money is put on the line, be sure to practice on paper first. Until you are able to generate a profit by tracking and placing “pretend” money on stocks, there is no point in throwing it to the sharks. You need to know the game before you play!
  2. Are the stocks you choosing reliable? You should be willing to spend hours, better yet days, researching the companies you plan on investing in. I’ve been able to select top stocks with consistently high returns with a few minutes of research on companies via my own website but if you prefer the traditional route then be sure to spend hours reviewing the company’s history, stock value trend recently, and trading inconsistencies.
  3. A ton of information is out there to research potential high return penny stock candidates, find a good newsletter written by professionals and you’ll be open to a wealth of knowledge and great candidates to invest in. Avoid free newsletters as any adviser worth his while will charge for the quality picks he makes. Look for newsletters that charge a decent price with a strong subscriber base, as people will not typically continue to subscribe to a worthless newsletter. This strategy in particular has allowed me to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands via my own personal site.
  4. Try doing a simple search for penny stock forums around the internet to get into these communities. There’s a ton of knowledge and experience within these communities as well, and also being able to learn from the real life stories of actual investors may help you when it comes to Tip #1 and after.
  5. Keep an eye on what stock markets the companies you plan to invest are dealing in. Certain exchanges are known for their lack of stringent requirements in regards to the financial reporting companies must do. Pink sheets, OTCBB, and other lower end markets may be seem like great opportunities to buy low and sell high, but most often they are filled with sharks looking to take advantage of those simply eager to enter the market game. Pay attention to the previous four tips and this will not be an issue.

I have been able to pay off both years of college tuition with the profits from my initial penny stock investments, and since then have remained debt free and still watching income roll into my bank account. I want you to share in this same success which is why, once again, I say research the heck out potential companies you want to invest in! Tips 1 – 5 can, and have, make people successful. I did it, and you can too!