Stock software can put an inexperienced trader on the same level as one who has been doing it for a lifetime, hence its popularity. But with the popularity of these legitimate programs, a number of faulty publishers have released faulty programs and with seemingly every program out there today all promising to make you rich, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad. Here is a review of arguably the best stock software option currently on the market.

Day Trading Robot wins the title currently for the best stock software option for a number of reasons. Perhaps best of all is it boasts easily the highest winning rate of any program which I’ve tried as it deals primarily in low risk but high profit potential penny stocks.

Take my personal experience. On my very first trade which Day Trading Robot delivered to me I more than doubled my investment. I received the tip on Sunday night for a 15 cent priced stock per share. I bought about one thousand shares from my online trade account, then logged out. I checked back in near 2 days later and found that it had shot up to 31 cents practically overnight. About another day later that stock leveled off at 48 before beginning to drop at which point I went short on it. Ultimately I made about $500 on a $200 investment, I only wish I had dropped more at the start but since then I’ve grown more confident and it’s only gotten better.

One of the best aspects about this stock software is that you don’t need to know a thing about the stock market to take advantage of it and make a buck. As all of the real time market analysis and combing is done for you, all you’ve got to do is enact the recommended trades simply using an online trading account. And every pick is based entirely on market data so you don’t have to worry about guesswork, human errors, or emotions factoring into your campaign and costing you money.