The Penny Stock Prophet

Every investor has a dream of making a million dollars, although the dream alludes most investors for a variety of reasons such as inexperience, emotions becoming involved or not knowing how to do things properly. Finding somebody who has already made it in the stock market is the best way to ensure success.

The best part about The Penny Stock Prophet is that you do not have to spend hours upon hours researching the different companies, instead you rely on James’s expertise to pick those penny stocks that are likely to be profitable. This is particular useful if you are completely new to trading and are finding it difficult to absorb all the complex concepts.

The results of James’s stock picks have already spoken for themselves, with investors realising many profits over and over again. The number of winners that are picked usually result in a profit margin of at least 20-50{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee}, but you must be realistic because not every stock pick will be a winner. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

The Micro Cap Millionaire

Investors of all different levels will find The Micro Cap Millionaire suitable and easy to follow. Matt, who is behind the Micro Cap Millionaire will give you a range of different stocks to either invest with or trade with.

Those stocks that have reached the end of their downtrend and about to “bounce” back up are an attractive pick for those people who like to trade. These types of returns can and have provided traders significantly high returns, often between 40-100{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee}!

Do not worry you will also be well looked after if you prefer to invest your money over the long term. “Bankruptcy Billions are another type of stock pick you will receive. These are the stock picks that if held for a period could make over a 100{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} gain!

Penny Stocks Psychic

You will save heaps of time using The Penny Stocks Psychic, Steve Parker’s newsletter to find which penny stocks are about to be hot right now.

You will gain access to video tutorials, bonus products and FAQ’s in the exclusive members area. You can get help with any potential problems you may have here.

Getting access to Steve’s eBook which details how he actually picks his stocks is a great bonus for those who are interested.

And for those of you who want to take a more active role in the stock market you should check out:

Secrets of Successful Traders

A great place to kick start your investment portfolio is with Secrets of Successful traders, as the main guy Anthony Green will teach you their own profitable trading system. In order to help prevent the new investor from making too many mistakes and wiping themselves out too early, it is recommended that you learn from someone who has already made it.

By following a simple 5 step procedure you will learn how to find stocks that look like they are going to be profitable. This procedure can then be used every day the stock market is open. Depending on our lifestyle you trade every day or on days that suit you, the option will be yours.

Get started now as all these penny stock newsletter alerts are suitable for every type of investor no matter what your experience!