Jewels by Park Lane Company Review! Good Business Or Bad Business?

Jewels by Park Lane is a company that defines the American dream of having your own successful business. Created by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, the company prides itself in offering quirky, exceptional quality jewelry that comes with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Women who sign up with the Jewels by Park Lane multi level marketing opportunity are drawn to the program because of the discounts representatives get on the jewelry. It is a privately owned company and has over 15,000 individual sales representatives.

The company works on a direct selling model and representatives earn commissions on the sales that they make. The marketing strategy is focused on warm marketing to family and friends. Currently, Jewels by Park Lane are available only in the United States and Mexico. The ‘Earn Your Kit’ starter program is priced at $33 while the ‘Deluxe Starter Kit’ is priced at a whopping $400. For an additional fee, customers can also purchase a website that allows you to sell directly online.

The advantage of this plan is that sales representatives are not required to keep a stock of jewelry. As an individual sales representative, you can recruit more consultants in your downline in order to increase your earning potential and move up the compensation plan levels.  The company offers a car bonus program when you reach a certain level of sales. Other benefits include large cash bonuses, luxury vacations and even free limited edition jewelry.

The plan is apt for stay at home or work at home mothers and retirees who can use this opportunity to socialize as well as make money along with it. The range of jewelry that is offered is stylish and some of the pieces are definitely worth buying. You can organize parties when you choose to become a hostess. Hostesses receive greater discounts on the jewelry and also receive free gifts when they hold these parties.

Obviously, in order to be truly successful with this plan, you must have a big social circle or be willing to create one by attending parties of a similar nature. You should also possess good convincing and marketing skills in order to sell these pieces. Selling the jewelry may not be the tough part but earning a massive income through this opportunity is a little difficult at the start.

Now, for a little more insurance in to the level of success in any new self-employment venture, one must seek the aid of a Mentor. This has always been the difference between failure and success. You must seek the help of your sponsor or mentor if you wish to become successful with the Jewels by Park Lane income opportunity. The benefits are huge but you must be able to fast forward your way through product introductions and parties to making hard core sales. This is something that you can easily learn with the help of a guide who has spent a considerable amount of time in the multi level marketing industry.

You may also want to double your insurance by working with your sponsor but also seeking the help of a mentor in the area Internet marketing. Make this a Global business and not just a local business for you. In any event, get a mentor, someone to be accountable to, someone to contact if obstacles arise. GET A MENTOR!!!