Is Home Insurance a Good Idea For Protection Against Flooding?

Most buildings and contents policies can provide up to 25,000 pounds of cover plus arranging alternative accommodation in the event of flood damage. Within 24 hours of you contacting your home insurance provider and making a claim a loss adjuster will visit your home or property and assess the situation. When the loss adjuster has finished their assessment on your property they will put together a timetable outlining what requirements and actions will need to be done in order to restore your property.

Most home insurance companies will start cleaning and stripping out your property. They will probably employ a specialist cleaning company to do this called a disaster restoration company. They will remove silt and debris left by the flood and clean all affected areas. Plus check electricity supplies, appliances and gas. Then they will remove any damaged and wet fittings and home furnishing as well as any damaged woodwork or plaster. When they have finished cleaning and stripping out your property they will then disinfect all affected areas of your home. The drying of you house will however take some time perhaps even months after a serious flood. This process must be completed before any the repair work can be done on your property.

The repairs and reconstruction work will be conducted by a building contractor, who will employ builders who that meet a very high quality standard of workmanship. All repair work should be guaranteed and therefore offers peace of mind should any other issues arise in the future to your home. Restoration and repair work on your home could include re-plastering or a new fitted kitchen if necessary.

It all depends on the degree of damage that the flood has caused to your property but you could be back in your property in just a few weeks after the flood if you have a home insurance policy. So is it a good idea to have a home insurance policy in order to protect your property in the event of flood damage? If not it could cost you a small fortune with the costs of the repair work and cleaning process.