Since more dog owners are willing to provide the best dog grooming facilities that money can buy, it is reasonable to say that this is a good business to get into. The adage of a dog being a man’s best friend rings truer than ever when it comes to their care. Although the basic brush, comb and bath are sufficient for all dogs, some owners have been known to go overboard by taking their dogs for spa services and the likes. Whatever the case may be, providing dog owners with an avenue for happy and healthy pooches is a feasible option.

Before you embark on any business venture, it is essential you do your homework to ascertain viability. If you intend to set up shop in your local neighborhood, it may be a good idea to do some preliminary study on number and type of pets available. It is not much of a point to start a business at a place whereby there is no demand. Assuming there is no existing competition already enjoying most if not all the dog grooming business, consider whether to operate in fixed premises or as a mobile business. More often than not, the best dog grooming business plan fails because clients find it inconvenient to access the shop. Ideally, there should be available parking spaces nearby as one cannot leave the engine running whilst popping by the dog groomer’s.

Perhaps the mobile version of grooming is more appropriate as it provides the pick-up and drop-off aspect. The dog groomer now joins the ranks of the conventional milkman in delivering door-to-door services. As a starting point, you only groom one dog at a time in your mobile grooming van. This is probably a good opportunity to build your skills as well as repertoire as a personalized service provider. Customers are willing to pay higher prices as the hassle to transport their pets to and fro the groomers is taken care of. As you offer good services, word of mouth is bound to spread. In the event you are presented with opportunities to expand your dog grooming business, add on more mobile vans to widen your customer base. Alternatively, open a shop at a fixed premise to serve as the hub. The vans can still function as grooming as well as transportation units to the hub.