A 3rd Party Review Of Jusuru – Is It A Good Business To Join?

Searching for more information about the Jusuru MLM business opportunity? Well you’ve come the right place because inside this post I’m gonna reveal to you some secrets that many Jusuru representatives won’t ever know about in terms of building their business. If you’re thinking about joining this business or you’ve already joined but don’t have much results yet, then this particular article might really be among the most important articles you’ll EVER read. You may run into many reviews that are simply attempting to sell you into joining the company. Not here!

What Exactly Is Jusuru?

Jusuru is a multi-level marketing organization that is based in Anaheim, California. The business offers one of the most revolutionary beverage blends named Life Blend, which is a liquid nutraceutical that promotes healthy aging, active joints, and younger-looking skin. This value driven business is centered on delivering an effective and different product backed by patented and scientific research, while providing independent reps to generate an income by sharing and selling the products and business opportunity with others.

Once you consume the Jusuru juice and feel the benefits, you’ll be eager to share the product with other people. If you decide to become a distributor, you can make money in 9 different ways:

1. Direct sales – up to 30{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} Profit.
2. Preferred Customers – discount for autoship.
3. Fast Start Bonus – up to 20{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} team commission.
4. Team Commissions – up to 10{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} team commission.
5. Elite Leadership Bonus.
6. Checkmatch Bonus – up to 25{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} on team income.
7. Turbo Infinity Bonus – up to 1{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} on all team sales.
8. Leadership Pools – earn shares in pools.
9. Luxury Car Bonus – up to $1,000/month for a Mercedes-Benz.

So from what I’ve researched, Jusuru seems to be a great corporation with awesome products. But as good as Jusuru may be, learning HOW to build this MLM business to earn that kind of money is one of the most critical part. Many representatives simply don’t have a clue how to build their home business effectively and that’s the reason why about 96{3d5275f9508c9dd4021075398e098e5db9cf49de07ee931b769af6a77a0ab5ee} of them never really see a profit. So here are some secrets below:

Jusuru MLM business Building Secrets Uncovered

With regards to building a profitable business with Jusuru, one thing that I want you to be aware of now is that you have to learn and master the art of marketing and promoting. Most companies including Jusuru may only talk about prospecting and tell you to show the Jusuru MLM business opportunity to your family and friends. But is that the ideal way to build a business?

The answer is NO!

Why? Well because the majority of your relatives and buddies are not considering your Jusuru home business. Did they ever show the slightest curiosity about becoming a business person?


So what happens is that you’ll deal with more rejection simply looking to prospect to them. However when you market and promote, those who are interested in what you’re offering will raise up their hands and say “Yes, I like what I see…tell me more”. Building a MLM business in that manner is SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than trying to deal with negative close friends and family who will say things like “Stop doing this pyramid thing and go get a REAL job.”

In my opinion, contacting your family and friends should be for ONE purpose, and that’s to show them the Jusuru product that you’re offering and see if they have an interest. But if you want to grow a thriving business, you will need other business builders. To locate more quality prospects as business builders, my advice would be to target professionals in your warm market and talk to them about your MLM business. Now if you do see someone close to you who shows a desire for wanting to become their own boss then go for it and share the Jusuru business with them. Just don’t be attached to the outcome.

Now here’s the cool part. If you learn marketing and promoting, you can have interested prospects come to YOU, instead of you chasing after them. Wouldn’t it be a lot more effective and less frustrating if you dealt with folks who raised their hands up first and contacted you? That’s the name of the game my friend! Well with a couple very strategic online marketing tactics, you can make this happen.